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The Magdalene Home is a nonprofit organization and as such welcomes your support.

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If you have questions or would like some further information, send us a note.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Admittance to The Magdalene Home is not based upon the resident’s ability to pay, but rather upon the facility’s ability to meet the individual need of the applicant.

There is not a set financial obligation for The Magdalene Home resident. The applicants or the parents of an applicant can contribute to The Magdalene Home’s operational expenses while she is at the home. This is not a fee but rather a freewill contribution to The Magdalene Home, Inc. Click above to learn more.
#1 Prayer. Please pray for ministry. Our leaders, our staff, our volunteers and especially our residents.
#2 Financial Support. One time giving, monthly support, or gifts in the form of gift cards, or wish list items are greatly appreciated.
#3 Volunteer. Many volunteers are needed to help with events, to provide respite care for our house parents, to teach life skill classes, to do maintenance around the house etc.
Click above to learn more.

The Magdalene Home provides several key services designed to assist young girls. Our main focus is providing a loving and caring environment for these young girls with food and shelter in a group living atmosphere with house parents. Here, we insure these precious young ladies receive quality care and compassion. Click above to learn more.

The intent of The Magdalene Home is not to promote one parenting option over another but to present all options. We offer Adoption counseling to provide residents with a balanced presentation of all parenting options. Click above to learn more.
We do offer a Residential Program. Click above to learn more.
To learn more about our admission policy, Click above.

The Magdalene Home

The Magdalene Home is an environment where young girls find loving support both emotionally and spiritually through their pregnancies.


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